pMakeda: win 4 loss 1
Makeda 2: win 0 loss 1
Mak3da: win 6 loss 4
Rasheth: win 1 loss 2
pMorghoul: win 3 loss 1
Mordikaar: win 10 loss 1
Hexeris 2: win 4 loss 2
P Hexeris: win 2 loss 1

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Mordikaar vs pDenny batrep

Dem Proxies
Infitrators = Swordsmen
Skinwalkers = Incendiarii
Gladiator = Despoiler

Swordsmen with UA

Thralls the bad kind
Black Banes
War witch syrens
Pistol Wraiths
Aiakos with a Stalker

Everything runs

I dont feat because its Denny, Denny doesn't feat because, He needs it to kill my heavies?

So I shoot fire at him and run to engage. 

He rolls the fires out and counter runs to engage... So I feat, he doesn't feat and neither of us achieve much. The feat helps me walk a couple of Incendiarii out of combat with the BlackBanes.

Now that my Feat is done, he feats. But I have Bump up on Tiberion with a Banishing ward. He kills most of my Nihilators and Swordsmen. The Agonizer stops him from arcing at Mordikaar but a crippling grasp does go down on the Despoiler

The Incendiarii get Ghostly walk out of combat with the BlackBanes and Combine on Denegra who sac pawns it to the stitch thrall. Derp. However Denny burns and I roll box cars (Double 6) damage on her in the maintenance phase.

The Warwitch comes up to Spray over the Despoiler in an attempt to get the Agonizer to facilitate an assassination run. However the Agonizer tanks it. So the Despoiler turns the Warwitch into a Void Spirit who turns Denny into an Eruption of Ash.

Assassination win for Skorne.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Mak 3 vs Sturges and Mortenebra

Yes still proxying up a storm.

Makeda3 = Makeda 1
Exalted court = Praetorian Swordsmen
Invictors = Croaks
Wold Wardens = Aradus Sentinels
Skinwalkers = Cataphratcii
Mage Hunter Assassin = Task Master
Skyreth, Narn and Magister = Legends of Hallack

Mak3  game 1

Cryx turn 1

Skorne turn 1

Croaks clear off the explodingg mecha twits. Makeda casts sun hammer and puts 3 into the Agonizer, everyone advances

Slayer comes in from downtown and slams the Sentinel, should have charged. Other jacks advance on to the hill and Sunhammer does about 14 damage over the battlegroup.

The far right Sentinel charges the Slayer and wrecks it while the rest of the gun line puts damage into his jacks
Cryx turn 2
Badly damage but still functional his jacks move in to engage my front lines. Some Croaks fall and he picks away at my support

Skorne turn 2
With all of his jacks bunched up on my front line Makeda pops feat and casts vortex of destruction. She wrecks a jack and assists the Sentinel in wrecking another. The left Sentinel kills the other jack without enrage and the Legends + Croaks deal with the far let jacks.

Cryx turn 3
He sends His remaining jack in to play interference and tries to capture some scenario points by destroying my Objective

Skorne turn 3

The Taskmaster caps the far flag and some excellent shooting from the Croaks takes the center objective.

Cryx turn 4
Moretenebra decides to play long and go for some scenario points. He sends the bone chicken in to grab the Skorne flag and Mort follows up.

Skorne turn 4
The left flag is being comfortably controlled and the Sentinel kills the remaining jack while Paingivers and the Krea run in to re contest the SKorne flag.

The Exalted court get a charge order and kill off the Remaining contesting model while Makeda runs to dominate the other Cryx flag and score a 5th point for the win.

Mak3 game 2

Same list vs Sturgis with all the dudes


Advancing and jamming

Advancing jamming and burninating

Advancing Jamming Burninating and Toughing

Makeda 3 Feating

Makeda 3 being jammed and having a poison blast drift on to her.

Makeda 3 assassinating

Monday, February 22, 2016

pMorghoul super proxy, lost report

eHexeris vs Cognifex Cyphon tier list.

Cognifex Cyphon
Cephalyx Agitator
Cephalyx Agitator  
Cephalyx Agitator
Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges
Cephalyx Mind Bender & Drudges
Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges
Cephalyx Mind Slaver & Drudges

Halberdiers = croaks 
Aspis  =  Krea 
Feral Warp wolf =  Molik Karn 
Sceryth Issyean, Magister, Narn = Legends of Hallack 

His stuff advances in a pretty balanced style. 
Croaks take the hill, Legends on the right to burst through the forest at the right moment.

I considered a Fate Walker Ashes to Ashes play to get some early kills but just decided to drop Ashen view on the Croaks.
Croaks advance and oil the Wrecker, 8 more shoot at it but only do about 12 points of damage.

He attempts to land his beast on Molik but tragically forgets to agitate it or something and fails to kill the Khan. 

So, doing something useful the Gladiator kills his beast and Molik shoots off to kill the other. He doesn't do much damage with Cyphon feat up so in stead he side steps around and just kills Cyphon instead.

Hexeris 2 vs Strakov, lost report